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Made to Match Interior Doors from Premier Door & Trim

Moving out?

Trying to get your security deposit back?

Need to replace an interior door fast and cheap?

Premier Door & Trim makes it easy to replace damaged doors by offering a made to match service. Bring us your damaged door and we will make you an exact match. Most doors are available same business day! Call ahead and we will pull the door style you need, give you an estimated wait time, and an out-the-door price.

The doors we use are the same types that can be found at major retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Like these stores, we purchase the doors directly from the manufacturer which allows us to offer doors at the lowest possible price! We buy the door slabs and our door machines allow us to route door hinges and bore holes for lock sets within minutes. We stock most interior doors, including the highly popular hollow core 6 panel and the hollow core flush. If we don’t have it, we can get it by the next business day.

If you’re ready to bring in your damaged door, just remove the hinge pins and leave half of the hinge attached to the door slab. This makes reinstallation a breeze! We’ll route your new door and use your door hardware and half hinge off the old door. All you need to do is take your new door home, align the hinges and pop the hinge pins back in. It’s that easy! The hinges and hardware do not need to be included with the damaged door to replace it with a new one. If needed, we can install the new door at a small fee.

Our made to match door service is available during regular business hours. For same day service, we must receive the door to match no later than 2 PM.